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There’s a new generation of cool earrings in town quickly showing up on the ears of fashion’s elite. As seen on the runways, jewelry designers continue to push the boundaries with their inventive take on earrings. Forget everything you know about traditional studs, hoops and chandeliers.  Instead, try something new and experiment with these limitless ways to style your ears.

Turn your back on tradition with a pair of mismatched earrings.  The look is all about wearing two earrings that aren’t a perfect match yet both still have something in common whether it be a relation in color, shape or a design element.  Consider these earrings the perfect imperfect pair.  Whether you choose modern mismatched shapes or a delicate geometric duo, mismatched earrings are proof perfection is overrated. Mixing–not completely matching is the new standard.

If you find yourself constantly having a hard time keeping up with two earrings, here is a trend you can appreciate.  The Mono earring or single statement earring is a complete departure from tradition. Worn on only one lobe, this trend of being unbalanced with your earrings is acceptable and interesting. It’s the strangeness of the mono earring that makes it so intriguing.  Whether it’s a shoulder dusting earring or a lengthy chandelier, the mono earring scores major style points.  Embrace the mono earring in odd shapes, off colors, asymmetrical designs, and exaggerated lengths. Be sure to wear your hair up or swept to one side because these earrings were meant to be seen.

As seen on a concrete catwalk near you, ear cuffs have become a favorite of the street style crowd and the Hollywood A-list. Worn on only one ear, these edgy, futuristic, and bold, ear cuffs are a must-have statement accessory.  No matter if your ears or pierced or not, this kind of ear ornamentation is one that everyone can get on board with. Whether you opt for an ornate ear cuff covered in sparkling crystals or a sleek minimalistic stunner, ear cuffs are a great way to add an unexpected element to your look.  Don’t forget to pull a few strands of hair behind your ear to let your ear cuff have its well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

Another emerging earring trend is ear wraps. Ear wraps are similar to the ear cuff in that they don’t require any piercings and they solely depend on the natural shape of your ear to help keep it in place. Ear wraps cling effortlessly and painlessly to the center of your ear. They adorn your lower earlobes with elements such as dainty charms, gems, and artfully curved wire.

If you want to create a multi-pierced look, your new go-to is the ear pin. Shaped much like a bobby pin, this head-turning earring gives the illusion of having several piercings without the commitment.  Gently slide the bobby pin like post into your single ear piercing and then slowly twist, press and adjust the earring to best show off its design.  Comfortable, secure and ultra-stylish, ear pins are available in a variety of graceful and delicate styles.

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