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One of the first things a person will notice about you is your hands.  Since people will stare, why not give them something amazing to stare at other than your chic manicure? Deck out your digits this season in more ways than one with a ring that gets all the second glances. Whether you’re waving to a friend, hailing a cab, texting away on your phone or resting your hands on a table adorn your fingers with an unforgettable conversation piece.

When wearing a classic single ring won’t do, slip on a trendy two or three-finger ring. These horizontally stretched rings are so much of a bold piece that nothing else should compete. Most comfortable to wear on the less dominant hand, these rings bring the focus to your fingers. Whether they’re sculptural, quirky or covered in crystals, these rings are ready to dazzle the crowd.

If simple, delicate and dainty rings are more your style, try the midi ring.  Midi-rings are worn higher up on the finger and below the nail.  Midi rings are so versatile that their possibilities are endless. Wear one midi ring on your finger or wear one on each finger for a linear impact. Sometimes when worn on each finger, together they form a single motif, shape or pattern.  Midi-rings may be connected with chain links or adorned with fringe for mesmerizing movement. There’s no need to commit to just one type of midi-ring. In fact, it’s encouraged to experiment with different band thickness, metals, and designs to create your unique look. Available in sets of multiples or as a single ring, midi rings are easy to mix and match to create the look you want to achieve.

If you’ve got the confidence to wear an over-the-top ring, feel free to slip on a bold armor ring. Shield like and usually articulated, armor rings are full-finger rings that are hard to miss.  Styles range from various precious metal versions to those completely covered in light-catching crystals. Armor rings are a welcomed departure from traditional rings.  These statement rings seem to conjure up images of jousting medieval knights in full body armor. Who knew knights would inspire a new crop of rings?

First it was the wrist stack, now rings are going to ambitious new heights. Join in and give your finger the stacking treatment.  Ring stacks are available in sets of multiple rings designed especially for stacking that relate to each other in some way. When worn all at once, these rings are each just one part of a common theme or design. Wear these rings stacked on one finger for maximum impact.

Let indecision become your decision. When you can’t decide which ring to wear, wear them all at once.  Nothing is more impactful than wearing a ring on each finger.  Here’s your chance to wear all your favorite rings and really standout. Whether you want to proclaim your love for bold cocktail rings or simply believe that more is more, wearing multiple rings is an edgy way to style your fingers.

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